—-August 18, 2014 Update from WWFA—-

In June of 2014, we visited the new borehole in Thuluwa Village. At the borehole there, we spoke with Lizy Lyson, one of the women at the well, she said, “Since the well was installed there has been ‘palibe’ cholera.” The word “palibe” means “no more.” Please join WWFA in celebrating—there have been no more cases of cholera since the well was installed!  This well is dedicated to Brittany Harris, who at the age of 12, raised enough money to put in this well by selling homemade cakes and pies.

Date Installed: September 22, 2013

Plaque Inscription: Brittany Harris

CSC Number: 606

Families Using this Borehole: 270

Thuluwa Village receives a

water well!

God blesses Chawa Village with clean water

Installation 4/9/15

"We were drinking from dirty sources. We are so lucky to have a bore hole!"

Matalika Village is so grateful for clean water!

Installation 4/12/15

Praise God for this miracle!

Imaani Village celebrates with lemonade party!

Installation 4/13/15

"This is the only bore hole in this area and serves over 400 families."

"It took one hour to get a bucket of water and we only got one bucket a day.  There are so many water bourne diseases and such suffering.  With the coming of the bore hole we are very much excited!

Kachingwe Village rejoices in no more sickness!

Installation 5/12/16

Malemeza received the gift of a lifetime! 

Installation 5/13/16

From this...

From this...

To this!

Kanama celebrates the gift of life!

Installation 5/16/16

Andrea Village celebrates with singing and dancing!

Installation 5/16/16

"Where we drew water from the river, we would get sick.  Now we rejoice in clean water and no sickness!"

Asiporo Village thanks God for this miracle!

Installation 6/14/17

Namilaza receives the gift of life!

Installation 6/17/17

Nanjiwa Village is so grateful for clean water!

Installation 6/18/17

6 more villages received clean water in 2018!

6 more villages received clean water in 2018!

Brittany's Dream dedicated 6 more water wells during June 2018 in the Bwanali, Imedi, Makunje, Mwalabu, Nomba, and Belo villages all located in the district of Mongochi.

Mwalabu dances with praise for clean water!

Installation Date: 06/18/2018

Bwanali – Mwana

Installation Date: May 26, 2018

Belo 2

Installation Date: May 04, 2018

Imedi – Mwawa

Installation Date: April 30, 2018


Installation Date: Dec 05, 2017

We are excited to report that despite the world pandemic, Brittany's Dream helped drill at least 6 new bore holes in 2020!  Photos to come!

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